Ten Young Artists to Watch

Cyrus Nuthakki

Carclew has partnered with hub to introduce you to ten bright young artists here in SA. Our fifth featured artist is Cyrus Nuthakki, a young musician who was a recent finalist in the 7News Young Achievers Awards 2020.

Meet Cyrus, the aspiring music composer 

Cyrus Nuthakki was a finalist in the Creative Achievement Category of the 7News Young Achievers Awards 2020. He has been nominated for the awards again in 2021. His recent accomplishments include completing Year 12 Stage 2 Music – SACE and holding the record for being the youngest South Australian to have studied a SACE subject (2018).

Cyrus has participated in various competitive performances including Adelaide Eisteddfods, the Miriam Hyde Junior Award, and a Reimann-Robinson Scholarship. He has won many awards and honorary mentions for his musical ability. He is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion and contributes through participating and performing at various community events.

Cyrus has completed Grade 8 in Piano through AMEB as well as through Trinity College, London where he passed with distinction. He continues to learn piano through Adelaide University’s highly regarded Elder Conservatorium – coming under the tutelage of professional composers, scholars, concert pianists and other musicians, who provide Cyrus with mentoring and special coaching to enhance his creative development and help him work toward his goal of becoming a ‘Hollywood Music Composer’. Cyrus is always keen to engage with learning opportunities that can expand his creative horizons and lead to the production and presentation of new work.

How would you describe your creative practice ie what do you do or make?

I am a young pianist and an aspiring music composer who is curious about exploring inspiration, creativity, and self-expression as tools to enhance people’s lives through music. I grew up learning the conventional classical methods of piano music such as Jazz, Classical Era, Romantic Era, Baroque and Impressionistic Music. However, I have developed interest and passion to expand my musical abilities into sound engineering and composing. 

I am equally passionate about composing and presenting my own work as much as performing for a live audience.

How have you been involved with Carclew?

I am a happy member of the Carclew Family! Without my Carclew fellowship (2020), I would have missed out on all the knowledge; quality professional development and all of the aspects I mentioned that will be crucial to my portfolio and my career. 

Do you have creative career ambitions? If so, tell us about those.

I am ambitious to compose and produce my own original music, so I can establish my career as a film score composer in Hollywood. I believe that film scores are a distinctive form of art that can offer me the platform to exhibit my versatility in music.

How did you become involved with your creative practice?

I have been performing as a solo pianist since I was 5 years old. I am now ready to challenge myself to expand my creative horizon – not only stepping up from performing to composing, but also from a soloist to collaborative work.

Who or what provides inspiration for your creative practice?

My passion for music and my desire to strive for excellence and establish my own identity as a young musician.

Can you tell us about your most exciting experience connected to your creative practice?

I am grateful for the support and opportunities that I am provided with. I have learned that age is no barrier to achieving your dreams. I have incredible opportunities to work with the best teachers and mentors in the music industry and the inclusivity that I have experienced so far has been the most exciting for me. 

What do you see as the challenges and opportunities of being a young artist/creative in SA?

There are a variety of opportunities for young talents in SA through grants, fellowships, mentorships, university pathway programs, awards recognising young achievers etc., When I won the Carclew Fellowship in 2020, it opened up a world of opportunities to help explore the composer in me by providing access to:

  • Special coaching and master classes from experts in the field,
  • Advanced technology and the training to provide hands on experience,
  • Access to monetary funds to pay for such professional development and most of all …
  • the encouragement and support available for young musicians and artists like me.

What is it about creating your own work that brings you joy?

Finally, as a young musician, I hope to be a positive role model to other young people in the community to follow their passion, show initiative and be confident in who they are and what they represent.


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