Saturday, 13 Aug 2022

Critter Capture

Catch The Buggies!
Capture bugs by drawing circles around them. Don’t let them hit your net though!

Device required:
Critter Capture is currently for phones using the android operating system, versions 6 and above.

Access game:
Download the game from the android Google Play store and launch it for testing:

Testing Form

picture of bugs

1. Rank the critters into order of difficulty

The easiest critter will have a score of 1, the second easiest will be 2, next is 3, and the hardest critter will be 4.
Selected Value: 1
Selected Value: 1
Selected Value: 1
Selected Value: 1
Selected Value: 1
Give a rank from 1-5, with a score of 1 being neutral and a score of 5 being a strong yes.
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