Ten Young Artists to Watch


Carclew has partnered with hub to introduce you to ten bright young artists here in SA. Our fourth featured artist is 18 year old dancer Isadora Drummond Sweeney from Adelaide. 

Meet Isadora, a young dancer from Adelaide

Isi fell in love with dancing as a way to express herself creatively from a very young age.  In fact, she would say she has always danced. She  joined the Links program at Restless Dance Theatre when she was eight years old and did weekly workshops for the next six or so years before joining Central. Now she’s part of the Impulse Youth Ensemble. She first appeared in a show with Restless in  Next of Kin (2010).

Other productions include Intimate Space (2017 Adelaide Festival) and Creating the Spectacle (2018 Adelaide Film Festival). She is currently an understudy for the latest Restless work Guttered, which takes place in a bowling alley and will premiere in the 2021 Adelaide Festival.  Isi loves to dance, act, sing and hang out with her friends.


How would you describe your creative practice ie what do you do or make?

I just be me and I dance. I love to dance. It makes me feel spectacular. Being in the arts is really special and I really enjoy it.

What was your first experience of the arts?

I can’t remember.  But I really liked Wicked and Matilda. I like musicals.

How have you been involved with Restless?

I started at Links when I was 8, that’s Restless for younger kids.  Now I help out as a tutor with Links.  I like helping out.

Have you been involved in Carclew? If so, how?

No.  My sisters have.  But I had my 18th birthday party in the ballroom and it was an historical night. 

Do you have creative career ambitions? If so, tell us about those.

I love dancing and singing and writing songs.  I love DJing and colouring-in but mum says that’s not a job, it’s a hobby.  I like working at Restless and helping young dancers.   

How did you become involved with your creative practice?

I always was. I remember when I was way younger I wanted to be a show-off and dance around the house.  I like to colour in and it’s like my dancing because every new pattern is like a new step. 

Who or what provides inspiration for your creative practice?

My mother and my father and myself.  I love listening to music and watching movies and you tube. I enjoy my fantasy and I like to listen to pop or r&b.  I’m inspired by my Restless dancers and teachers. They’re great and they’re my friends.

Can you tell us about your most exciting experience connected to your creative practice?

Being in Intimate Space, Next of Kin and my school dance performance nights.  I’m excited about being part of Guttered.

What do you see as the challenges and opportunities of being a young artist/creative in SA? Keeping my posture up is hard and making sure I eat right and stay healthy. Being the shortest person is hard.  But everybody is different and everybody has different challenges.  To keep open and widen out my circle to try new things.  I love being part of Restless.

What is it about creating your own work that brings you joy?

I take it seriously. There is always a philosophy behind this. As far as I can see I think I enjoy it all. The key is to be myself, which is cool and chill, and then interpret this into dance moves.

Isadora is an understudy in Restless Dance Theatre’s ‘Guttered’ for the 2021 Adelaide Festival showing 26 February – 14 March 2021 

Guttered – Adelaide Festival


Image: Restless Dance Studio’s 2018 performance ‘Creating the Spectacle’ 

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