Kushboo Gera

@ Age 18

Our featured young rights champion

Posted 7th September 2020

“Helping emerging leaders of our world is in my heart!

It’s my passion!

Khushboo is 18 years old and currently studying Health and Medical Sciences in SA.

She says: “Throughout my life I have learnt the importance of education for growth and betterment of our society. It has taught me the importance of reducing poverty, homelessness, hunger, mental illness and unemployment rates. Learning about the importance of education is equally important as sharing your knowledge among people. This led me to volunteer at East Torrens Primary School where I worked with children, mostly with those that required special needs. During that time, I assisted teachers to teach children independently living skills. I gained invaluable knowledge about ‘Applied Behaviour Analysis’ strategies that promoted independence in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This led me to believe that there is no barrier to education not even neurological disorder!”

Following this experience, Kushboo developed a strong interest in the potential for education to change lives.

She remarks: “This led me to work with an experienced psychologist who works with young people. Working with her made me realise that young people today are facing many issues solely due to lack of knowledge to live independently. Some reasons being children in rural or remote areas having reduced access to education services. They are less likely to attend school or university and expected to drop out if they enrol. I always believed that education is a right for every child and it should be free. I also believe that it’s our duty as a society to educate all youths equally. Hence, I started by volunteering at Campbelltown Youth Advisory Committee (YAC). I act as a liaise between young people and Campbelltown Council to make positive changes within our area. Through YAC’s events and programs I met young people who were as passionate as I am to strengthen our community but I also met those had aspirations that deserve to be heard.”

“Programs and events on mental health and wellbeing, how-to-adult workshops and sustainability events all educated these young people and gave an opportunity to contribute in development of our country. However, this was only a small step in working within our Campbelltown area.”

Kushboo now volunteers at the Commissioner’s Advisory Committee where she hopes to raise awareness of children’s rights to education across South Australia. She believes: “This will not only eradicate global issues like poverty and personal hygiene but education will also be the key to a healthy mind and quality life.”

She reflects: “As a young person myself, I do sometimes believe that my work is underappreciated and I do understand many of us encounter barriers when striving for a change. However, this doesn’t dishearten us from implementing solutions that will “shift the needle and have an enduring impact” as once said by a famous personality.”

Kushboo says: “We are often heralded as leaders of future, yet we have already started to make important changes today with examples like climate change strikes.”

“In future, I am excited to collaborate with the Commissioner. I look forward to a world where young people are empowered to use their education as “weapon” (said by Nelson Mandela) to create a sustainable planet, cultivate peace, promote equality to make a difference in our own lives and also of those around us.”


Do you know someone who is a young rights champion? Nominate a mate by sending an email to CommissionerCYP@sa.gov.au!

Acknowledgement of Country
We respectfully acknowledge and celebrate the Traditional Owners of the lands throughout South Australia and we pay our respects to their Elders –  and to past, present and future generations of their children and young people.

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