Saturday, 31 October 2020



(Definition: To smile with your eyes)

Submitted by Emily, aged 15


(Definition: Something that is very cool or worthy of admiration)

Submitted by Violet, aged 17

“Big Juicy Brain”

(Definition: A term of endearment meaning that one is very intelligent and knowledgeable – also known as “Big Brain Energy”)

Submitted by Nusrat, aged 21


(Definition: To be utterly shaken up by something – ‘I just watched the last Stranger Things episode and I’m shook’)

Submitted by Jem, aged 19

“weird flex”

(Definition: A response to someone showing off something random, ‘weird flex, but okay’)

Submitted by Jon, aged 18


(Definition: When you walk around the high street to see if your friends are around/suss the options. E.g. ‘I’m going to do a mainey of Rundle Mall’)

Submitted by Ty, aged 17


(Definition: A blend of the word helicopter and the internet acronym ROFL, or rolling on the floor laughing – to create a more intense version of ROFL)

Submitted by Gemma, aged 20


(Definition: A physical sense of repulsion or a situation or concept that makes you feel physically repulsed. It’s different to disgust because it’s a purely physical feeling – it’s like triggering but not as intense)

Submitted by Anon, aged 21

“no cap”

(Definition: no lie; I’m telling the truth)

Submitted by Ahriahn, aged 22

“that’s the tea, sis”

(Definition: gossiping, spilling the beans)

Submitted by Eloise, aged 20


(Definition: pandemonium – in a good or bad way)

Submitted by Kelly, aged 17


(Definition: overdone / out of control)

Submitted by Lewis, aged 18


(Definition: someone who is utterly devoted to something. Reference to eminem from the 2000s when someone combined stalker with fan to create a super fan.)

Submitted by Hannah, aged 20

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